Paramedic Confessional - VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

My worst call as a paramedic still haunts me.

Understanding DARVO

Every survivor and ally should know about DARVO - what a guilty party does when confronted.

Louie CK can come back. An invitation from #metoo

I'm fine with Louis CK coming back.  Here are two different ways it would work for me.

How to talk about #metoo without freaking everybody out

Simple guidelines for discussing #metoo if you haven't personally been assaulted yourself.  How to be an ally, or at least not a troll.

Dealing with rape apologists

A lot of the sound and fury around #MeToo is coming from people with no personal experience. I'm feeling strong about it right now.

Getting through the darkest days

Feeling my mastery, still alive.  What I learned this time.

Depression is like mental health herpes

This last bout of suicidal ideation showed me that it is cyclical.  All I have to do is ride it out.

Subjective Distress: The terrible habit you should break

Subjective distress can be challenging to understand and notice.  But getting control of it is essential to emotional stability.

Face Blindness

Face blindness, or facial agnosia, is a common mental health symptom.  I experience this presumably as part of my PTSD.

Becoming Visible: Pedicure Edition

How I learned to be more aware of the random mean girls, and how to deal with them.  Undoing my mother's abuse one toenail at a time.

That time I got cornered by a serial rapist

DNA registry has caught another one!  This guy was most likely (allegedly) stalking the woman he grabbed off the jogging path, who lived in my building.  

Becoming visible: Cupcake Edition

Every little interaction can teach you something.  Learning to ground myself to other people.

ISDP - I See Dead People

ISDP is a common symptom of PTSD.  The Overton window does not include people like me, even in the safe spaces.

Anhedonia - When PTSD takes you offline

Anhedonia is a common mental health symptom, the inability to motivate even for things you enjoy.

Advanced Clapback: Passive-Aggressive People

How to know when it's a misunderstanding versus passive-aggression, when and how to set boundaries.

How Not to Get Pissed Off

Teresa takes her inspiration from the great Mary Mary when things don't go her way.

I don't need therapy

Reader Sandy doesn't feel like therapy works for her.

Teresa Valentino on YouTube

One Awful Thing You Didn't Know You Were Doing

One Awful Thing You Didn't Know You Were Doing

Teresa had to learn how to boss up on being disabled.

Are You A Snowflake?

Are you a snowflake?  Too sensitive? A whiner?  Or just tired of being bullied?  

Teresa responds to Dave Chappelle's interview on PBS about #MeToo

The 4-Minute Life Elevator

Teresa's best pro tips for upgrading your life on the spot.  Learn the 4-Minute Life Elevator Technique that goes with the free downloadable meditation and the 9 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Life blog article.

Advanced Clapback: Dealing with the Passive-Aggressive

Teresa's insights on covert narcissists and how to assert yourself with people who are passive-aggressive.